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How to break the ice in an interview

Veronica C. | August 17, 2012

How to break the ice in an interview

While it might seem nerve-wracking to walk into interviews for premium entry level jobs and paid internships for the first time, it’s usually not nearly as bad as you might think. Hiring managers often pride themselves on their ability to set candidates at ease, and you can help get the ball rolling by considering some of the following icebreaker tips.

How about this weather?
While you don’t need to specifically talk about the weather, it’s nice to find some common ground for small talk before the interview starts. Look around the hiring manager’s office to see if any personal items stand out that might make a good conversation starter.

Location, location, location
If you’re finding it difficult to come up with a topic to break the ice, consider complementing the office building’s design or location. It might seem insignificant, but a simple comment like “I love the view out your window” or “What a nice area for the office location” can be enough to ease your way into the interview.

Avoid talking about the job
Though it might seem counterintuitive, it’s best to stay away from discussing the nuts and bolts of the available position until the interview officially gets going. You might be eager to learn more, but allow some time for both of you to get acquainted with each other before getting down to business.


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