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How to break into the world of journalism

Veronica C. | May 11, 2012

It’s no secret that the journalism industry has taken some serious hits in recent years – newspaper subscriptions are down, journalists are being laid off and most content is shifting toward free, online mediums. However, there are still premium entry level jobs and internships available to intrepid reporters looking to break into the field. Here are three tips on landing a position as a journalist.

Even with a wealth of classroom and internship experience, it can be difficult to score a full-time newsroom job right out of college. Instead, consider seeking out some freelancing opportunities at local newspapers, magazines and online to develop connections and establish a real-world reputation in journalism. You’ll have to work hard to find stories and earn a decent salary, but you’ll have taken an important step toward achieving your dream.

Small town papers
While you might have your sights set on working at major outlets such as the New York Times or Washington Post, you might have to begin your career working at a local small-town newspaper. You may not be covering national events, but you’ll gain experience in the fundamentals of news writing and reporting.

Create a blog
Journalism employers want to see that you’re a prolific and active writer in all aspects of your life. In addition to professional work, you may want to create a blog to exhibit different examples of your work while establishing a stronger online presence.


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