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How a Driving License can Enhance your Employability

Veronica C. | December 2, 2011

Currently, many job seekers are finding it incredibly hard to make themselves stand out from the millions of other unemployed career hunters. The high number of people who are currently unemployed means that the job market is an extremely competitive one. Having as many skills as you can to enhance your employability will certainly help in your quest to find a job and one skill that employers highly regard is the ability to drive.
Not only is driving convenient for your commuting, it also demonstrates certain skills and personal qualities to potential employers – some of which you may never have considered.

A Thirst for Knowledge
Learning to drive can be an extremely laborious process that can take a long time to learn and unfortunately, many people give up before taking their test. It can take a long time to learn all the basic requirements of driving before even having a first attempt at the test. If you’ve obtained your driving license successfully it shows perseverance and a willingness to learn – something which is a vital personal attribute in the working world. An enthusiastic attitude towards learning and having the patience to expand your knowledge over a long period of time is an attractive quality for many employers.

Availability and Reliability
Candidates who have the ability to drive are more attractive candidates to employers as they are often more “available”. Reliance on public transport can be problematic, particularly if the job location is somewhat remote or poorly served by public transport. Employers have a foresight which candidates may not consider, if the location isn’t convenient for the applicant the employer will consider the fact that the potential employee may quit due to the tedious daily journeys.

The Ability to Listen
Driving also demonstrates the ability to learn new skills effectively. Before you start driving you generally have no prior knowledge of how to do so and are essentially learning a whole new skill from scratch. In the job you’ve applied for you may have to be taught new skills which you will be expected to pick up as quickly and effectively as possible. The fact that you’ve learned to drive shows that you have the ability to listen and take on advice and tutoring from another person, which is a valuable skill within thef workplace.

Driving can not only enhance your personal life but also your working life too. It makes commuting a whole lot easier and demonstrates personal qualities which employers regard very highly. In such competitive job seeking times, it’s important to have your CV filled with personal achievements and activities which prove you have different skills to offer to the employer. Recruiters have the ability to pick and choose and will not only be looking at experience and academic qualifications but also personal qualities and the ability to learn.

Guest post by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Just Motor Law motoring offence solicitors you can catch Steph on Twitter @StephStaz where you will find her latest job seeking and recruitment posts.

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