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Going the extra mile at your college internship

Veronica C. | July 20, 2012

If you’ve already applied to or been accepted to your first internship, then you’ve taken a critical step towards preparing yourself for the post-graduation job search. However, an internship alone won’t be enough to separate you from the crowd of other people competing for their first entry-level position. You need a long and diverse resume that demonstrates you are an ambitious, knowledgeable and reliable worker. Here are some tips to help you earn the connections and experience you need throughout your college internships.

Regardless of the industry, many college interns are relegated to menial tasks like file keeping, research, making coffee or updating online databases. Despite this, there will inevitably come opportunities when your supervisor or intern coordinator requires assistance on a special task that falls outside the normal intern responsibilities. Volunteer for these assignments to show your dedication and willingness to help out the company whenever possible.

Do some background research
Before beginning your new internship, you should investigate the company’s or organization’s history and business to gain a greater understanding of the overall structure and how you fit in as an intern. This familiarity will come in handy when speaking with your higher-ups later on about your duties and tasks.

Find a mentor
While you can’t buddy up to everyone of importance at your company, finding a mentor can be a resource for navigating your internship. This person can help you develop ideas and projects while you work and give you a direct line to other executives. Your mentor will also be available for assistance when you begin looking for an entry-level position after graduation.

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