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Frustrations to expect during your job search

Veronica C. | May 21, 2012

While you may find a job relatively quickly after college graduation, the reality today is that many young people must endure a long and arduous application process before they’re even considered for any premium entry level jobs or internships. As you move past college and into the real world, here are some frustrating parts of the job search that you should be ready to encounter.

Whether you’re sending off an application, emailing a professional contact or waiting to hear back after an interview, people involved in the hiring process often take a long time to respond to applicants. It can take weeks for someone to reply to an email, even if he or she said to expect a message within a couple of days.

Building a vast professional network is a great step in landing job interviews and learning about career opportunities. However, you may encounter certain personalities who overestimate their ability to aid in your search. Many people may claim to have an industry contact such as cousin, friend or coworker who can help you get a foot in the door, only to disappear when they discover that they actually can’t help.


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