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Four questions to never ask during an interview

Veronica C. | April 18, 2013

Four questions to never ask during an interview

In every job interview there comes a moment where the interviewer asks, point-blank, “Any questions?” You should have one or two, but none of them should be these.

1. “What’s the salary?”
It’s understandable how this question might seem absolutely essential – and more often than not employers will give you some indication of what they intend to pay – but you don’t want to ask about it upfront. Obviously salaries and benefits are both important, but those can wait for later interviews, contracts and job offers. Right now, focus on the job itself.

2. “How long typically before a raise or promotion?”
Upward mobility is always a concern when you’re signing on for a position, but asking about it before you’ve even been hired is rude. At the very least, if you want to talk about you career goals and how the interviewer’s company might play into them, frame it to sound less self-serving.

3. “Can I work from home?”
While this is a cool perk, asking for it on day one might as well be shorthand for “I’m lazy.”

4. “What did you say?”
This particular question is a stand-in emblematic of a huge mistake only the worst interviewees make: not listening. Had trouble hearing something your interviewer mentioned? Want to go over a point again. That’s fine, ask away. But don’t put yourself in a situation where it sounds like you weren’t listening.

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