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Flakiness and unresponsiveness – a major employer faux pas

Veronica C. | December 8, 2011

In today's world of digital information and communication, the job market has grown to an unprecedented size. Employers can receive dozens if not hundreds of applications in a single day to a new job posting. With a rising number of college graduates and unemployed professionals competing for the same entry-level positions, competition has become extremely fierce in just about every industry.

Few people expect to hear back from every single job they apply for, but employers should be careful about not responding to emails and phone calls as they begin to seriously consider a candidate for a particular position. Many job hunters list flakiness and unresponsiveness during the hiring process as a top complaint, which can seriously begin to hurt a company's reputation.

As you enter into the prescreening or interviewing stage with potential candidates, they expect a certain level of respect and consideration from hiring managers – even if it's a simple email stating they are no longer under consideration for a position. Once a dialogue has been opened, employers have an obligation to respond relatively quickly to candidates about hiring updates. People understand that unexpected circumstances can slow down hiring practices. But waiting three weeks after an initial interview to get back to an applicant is rude, inconsiderate and can give any company the reputation of having poor employee relations.

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