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Even if you’re shy, professional networking can be a snap

Veronica C. | March 7, 2012

While an impressive resume, cover letter, references and portfolio pieces are all important for securing premium entry level jobs, you’ll also need an extensive network of professional contacts in order to get these documents into the hands of a hiring manager. However, this can seem like an overwhelming prospect for applicants who don’t consider themselves particularly outgoing or charismatic with complete strangers. Here is some advice for building up a solid network of connections one step at a time.

Your network doesn’t need to be made up of complete strangers. One of your best bets for meeting someone dedicated to helping you find your first job is through a family member or close friend. Consult your parents, close relatives, college friends, friends from high school and anyone else who could potentially connect you with someone in your desired professional field.

Outside of friends and family, your recent college professors can be valuable assets in building up a professional network. Many educators began in the professional field before starting teaching careers, and they may still have friends or colleagues working who could be of assistance in your job search.

By consulting people you already know, you can open doors and windows to serious professional contacts who can help you land your first job.


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