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Essential life skills college forces you to learn

Veronica C. | September 27, 2012

Essential life skills college forces you to learn

Whether living with your parents in high school was like boot camp or a luxury hotel, heading to college for the first time can be an eye-opening experience. You’ll no longer have Mom and Dad looking over your shoulder, so you may find that being a freshman involves more than going to class and hanging out with friends on the weekend. If you haven’t already picked them up, here are a few essential life skills that college will force you to learn.

While you might only have class for a couple of hours a day, time management is more important than ever once you get to college. Don’t expect your professors to remind you when it’s time to start studying for that upcoming final, and your resident advisor (RA) won’t be chastising you to finish your homework. Learning how to balance your academic and personal lives is one of the greatest challenges you may face as a freshman.

Personal finance
Unless you worked a steady job during high school, being responsible for your own bank account may come as a shock. Between textbooks, course materials, transportation and food, college can be very expensive – and that’s not even with the money you’ll likely spend traveling for spring break or partying on Saturday nights. Setting up a weekly budget can help you keep track of those precious dollars so you don’t end up broke by winter vacation.

Always relied on Mom to do your laundry? Was Dad responsible for most of the cooking in your home? Not anymore. In college, you’ll need to master daily chores like cleaning and feeding yourself if you don’t want your dorm room to become an inhospitable environment.


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