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Email application tips

Veronica C. | March 7, 2012

In today’s digital world, email has replaced phone calls and walk-ins as the starting point for many job and internship applications. Premium entry level jobs will consider your email etiquette just as important as a succinct resume, on-point cover letter and charismatic interview. Here are some tips for staying professional and competitive when emailing potential employers.

While you might be able to get away with incomplete sentences and casual abbreviations when emailing friends or family members, it’s important that all correspondence between you and a potential employer is clean and error-free. Even a minor typo may cause a hiring manager to discard your email in favor of someone else’s.

Name and title
If you want to improve your chances of a hiring manager reading your email application, make sure that you use his or her correct name and title. Take a few minutes to scan the company or organization’s website for info about their HR staff and use that in your introduction. If you can’t find it online, a quick phone call should provide you with the details you need.

When you’re sending along a resume, cover letter, professional references and writing samples, try to consolidate all those documents into a single attachment. Hiring managers appreciate when you make their lives easier.


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