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Deciding whether or not to take the job

Veronica C. | April 19, 2013

Deciding whether or not to take the job

As the economy slowly improves and your job prospects finally start to seem less bleak, you’ll be surprised at the number of opportunities that might come your way. Many folks can’t afford to cherry pick their ideal positions at this particular moment in time, but choosing one job offer over another is a situation you might well find yourself in. While there’s no easy way to navigate these tough decisions, sometimes a pros and cons list is really the best solution. But before you delve into that exercise, sit down and carefully consider how these specific factors weight on your decision.

Time commitment
If you’re a graduate biding your time before pursuing an M.A., Ph.D. or some other advance degree, your main concern might be time commitment. As you study for the GREs and then begin your application process or even start attending classes, you don’t want crazy hours to get in the way of your real goals.

In the adult world, salary is more than just spending money. You need this to pay rent, loans, utilities bills and an absurd number of other costs. Even the price of gas can determine how much money you’ll need to be making to get by. That being said – if you live at home and telecommute or take the bus to work, salary might not be as important to you.

Upward mobility
If you’re taking a job that you intend to stay with for a while, your upward mobility – how easily you’ll score raises and promotions and if there are many higher positions even open to you – could be a huge factor.

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