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Creating a leadership role for yourself at school

Veronica C. | March 12, 2014

Creating a leadership role for yourself at school

There’s no better time than your undergrad years to start to establish various leadership habits and garner some managerial positions to add to your resume when looking for a job or internship. Unfortunately, when you’re stuck on a campus studying most of the time, that can be hard. Need help brainstorming what opportunities you have? Consider some of these.

Get involved in student government
One of the best ways to display your leadership potential is to get involved with a section of your student government. You don’t need to become president to establish yourself as a necessary figure, however. At most schools, there are numerous positions usually divvied up by discipline.

Find a voice and an outlet
Another way to forge a leadership role for yourself is to find an outlet for your thoughts and ideas. Two great ways to do this on your college campus are via your school’s radio station or on the pages of the newspaper. You might even work your way up the ranks to becoming the station manager or editor in chief, given time! These are both potentially creative opportunities as well, which can help you dramatically improve essential skills like rhetoric.

Take the lead in managerial positions
Whether you’re tasked with leading a lab group or heading a student-run theater production, there are always a plethora of opportunities in class and during extra curricular activities to flex your managerial muscle. Taking charge of a team is a great way to make contacts as well or discover new individuals you may want to work alongside in the future.

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