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Common mistakes employers make about hiring

Veronica C. | September 14, 2012

While there’s no tried-and-true method for hiring the best candidates for premium entry level jobs and paid internships – especially in the current marketplace – there are a number of guidelines that every hiring manager should be aware of. Too often, employers get caught up with their own biases and expectations about what makes the perfect employee and what it takes to lure them away from the competition. Here are a few common mistakes that hiring managers often make during the application process.

Believing there’s a perfect candidate
It’s not to say that there’s no such thing as an ideal person for your organization, but the problem comes when employers ignore all other applicants in search of the person who perfectly meets the job qualifications. More often than not, you’re going to find a potential employee who embodies 75 or 80 percent of the qualities your organization needs, and this is the type of person you should jump on. If you happen to spy a resume that could be the hire of your dreams, feel free to call him or her in for an interview – just don’t hold your breath while another great candidate slips away.

Thinking candidates have no other choice but you
The economy has seen better days, but don’t let that fool you into believing you can take advantage of job seekers – particularly if you’re looking for the best and brightest. Even if you’re offering a too-good-to-be-true type of position, you can bet anyone walking through your door is also looking into offers elsewhere. Your job is to convince people that your business is a place they should want to work, not assume they have no other choice but to beg for your approval.

Wasting people’s time
One of the ways you can really shoot yourself in the foot with a candidate is by wasting his or her time – and the danger is that you might not even realize you’re doing it. Hiring managers often fall into the groove of taking a week or more to advance every step of the recruiting process. By the time pre-screening calls, initial interviews, second round interviews and internal deliberations have passed, the candidate could have been waiting a month for your decision, which gives the competition plenty of time to swoop in for the kill and steal your applicant away.


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