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Cloud computing ushers in a new wave of jobs

Veronica C. | April 6, 2012

While there are plenty of hot new technologies establishing their niche in the market, cloud computing is perhaps one of the most revolutionary. Just as digital media such as movies, television and video games are moving exclusively toward online streaming, cloud computing enables users to access files, software and other resources through internet networks. Not only has this technology changed how people communicate and share information, but it is also responsible for the latest wave of job creation in the U.S., according to

A recent report conducted by global technology and research company IDC – assisted by Microsoft – predicts that employers will create nearly 14 million jobs worldwide thanks to cloud computing services. Workers in North America can expect to see about 1.2 million of those opportunities, though the majority of new jobs will go to India and China. The report also states that the technological shift will likely occur in smaller and medium-sized businesses before the major companies sacrifice their in-house systems.

Not all of these new opportunities will be directly related to working with cloud computing technology either. reports that many companies will be able to redistribute money spent maintaining their old networks and servers toward hiring new employees.


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