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Accessorize your resume with these high-tech trends

Veronica C. | April 15, 2013

Accessorize your resume with these high-tech trends

Resumes aren’t exactly an internet-age phenomenon. They’re often called curriculum vitae in other parts of the world, and anything with a Latin name is guaranteed to be ancient. However, alongside sending out your resume as a PDF file, there are a few other ways you can go high-tech with it. Consider how these two social-media trends could really improve your stakes when applying for premium entry level jobs or even internships!

Once upon a time, blogs were more or less online journals. Nowadays, you can find professional blogs on websites for publications as respected as The Economist or The New York Times. While your LiveJournal might’ve been a work of art in your eyes, you’ll want to lean toward the more professional caste for your resume. Write on topics pertinent to your field, and don’t be afraid to put a slightly personal spin on them. Most of all, remember to spell check yourself.

How could Twitter help your career? Twitter’s clean interface and giant population of professionals across a vast number of industries makes it the ideal way to interact directly with the movers and shakers in your field. It’s also a great way to stay abreast of – and get involved with – world or industry events as they’re happening! And who knows, the right 140 characters may just get you a job interview. Many employers look to social media when they’re hiring, and a clever quip, astute observation or link back to your blog might end in a request for that dusty, old curriculum vitae.

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