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It’s just a piece of paper, yet it causes so much grief.entry level resume advice from Experience

How long should it be?  I don’t have much experience, what do I put on it? What are employers looking for?  How do I optimize it for online applications? There’s so much to think about when trying to efficiently represent all your great skills and attributes – that’s why we’ve put together this section on entry-level resume advice.

Experience™ has been working with colleges, students, alumni and employers since 1996 – we’ve heard from a lot of job seekers just like you and we’re happy to share our insights, advice from partners and feedback from our network to help you craft a resume that stands out from the stacks of competition.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered or if you still have questions, just ask us – if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you!  Here’s some of our most popular resume advice.

Top 3 Resume Mistakes and Solutions

Does your resume reflect a professional tone? Does it include only the necessary information? Did you know that “objective statements” are a thing of the past?  Our partner Sean Weinberg from is here to help. Discover the 3 top mistakes on entry-level resumes and get quick advice on how to fix them.  Read on

4 Resume Essentials

There are 4 key resume essentials to double-check before sending your qualifications in for any job. Is your resume leaving out some key areas? If so, the hiring managers will catch them within the first 30 seconds of scanning your resume. Make sure you’re covering the essentials

Want To Get Creative With Your Resume?

Not the type to be content sending out a traditional resume? Check out these truly creative resumes and get some advice on what to think about when taking your own resume down the creative path…