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Integrating Study Abroad

Did you Study Abroad?

You’ve gained valuable intercultural skills through your study abroad experience. Now it’s time to take advantage and learn how to market these skills to prospective employers.

The term “Global Citizen” is the new buzz around universities and companies alike. International experience is a preferred trait for multinational companies. You’ve got it, so let’s use it!

The team at Abroad101 has put together some advice on how to integrate international experience into resumes and leverage study abroad into a competitive advantage while job hunting. We’ve broken down the process in three phases: Reflect, Connect and Professionalize.


Take some time to reflect on the experience you had. Write a review of your program, read the journal you kept. Start asking yourself questions about what you learned while abroad. How do you think you’ve changed as a student? What skills have you gained? Talk about your experience with everyone, and share photographs. Read More


How are the skills you’ve learned transferable to the workplace? Make a list of all the skills that study abroad helped you to improve, and highlight those that are applicable to your desired job or career. Choose three stories from your experience that will illustrate your use of these skills, and be prepared to give specific details during interviews. Read More


Use professional vocabulary,you have to present your experience in a business like manner to be taken seriously. Prepare what you’d like to highlight according to what traits the company is looking for. If you won’t need a second language at work, it won’t help you to emphasize your fluency in French. However, just the fact that you know another language, you can highlight your ability to learn and adapt. Read More