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What do recent college graduates expect from employers?

Veronica C. | May 11, 2012

On the subject of the job marketplace, the focus is often on what recent college graduates can do to make themselves more appealing to employers during the hunt for premium entry level jobs and paid internships. However, hiring managers should also be asking themselves how they should improve their recruiting strategies to appeal to the most recent wave of young job seekers.

With the rise of the internet, mobile devices and social media, the marketplace looks far different than it did even five years ago, and companies that don't keep up with the changing trends are at risk of getting left behind by the best and brightest applicants. Here are three things to keep in mind about what recent college graduates expect from employers.

Social media policy
Let's face it, organizations who haven't already developed some sort of a social media strategy are way behind the curve. Between sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, an increasing number of job applicants – young and old – are turning to social networking tools to drive their career search. Not only are these websites great resources for posting and sharing available positions, but they also allow candidates to network with industry professionals quickly and easily. A strong online presence demonstrates that a company is on top of the latest wave of technological innovations – an important distinction for a competitive organization.

Small companies
In the past, working for a large organization meant greater opportunities for professional growth, but today many young people are getting their start in smaller companies. Offices with only a handful of employees provide a chance for recent grads to distinguish themselves and take on more responsibility, instead of struggling to stand out among hundreds of coworkers.

Career advancement
While salary and benefits are ever-important factors for job seekers, many young people don't mind working for reduced compensation so long as they know there are opportunities to advance at the company. Unless businesses know how to groom recent hires for higher positions within a year or two of starting, they can expect those employees to begin looking for another job before too long.

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