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Top 3 College Recruiting Services from Experience

Veronica C. | October 20, 2011

At, we know college recruiting services. Since 1996, we have been building our company to help colleges and universities place their alumni in the best possible jobs. We power 300 career centers for the top universities and colleges across the country, and are currently working with 5 million students and graduates. Through 15 years in the recruiting industry, we have identified the top three ways to recruit college graduates: job postings, career fairs and e-mail campaigns.

Job postings are a great way to access a highly qualified pool of candidates. Finding the right employee means posting your job in just the right spot on the Internet. At Experience, we allow you the opportunity to find the best person for your position by giving you access to 5 million students through our online job board.

Career fairs organized through our college recruiting services allow you to meet potential candidates face to face and perform interviews. We offer career fairs at dozens of colleges and universities throughout the country each year. Remember that the best college graduates are shopping for a potential employer in the same way you are shopping for an employee. Career fairs are a great way to market your company and job opportunities.

E-mail campaigns are another highly successful tactic in our college recruiting services. This is a way to reach the exact type of candidate you want to interview, because our e-mail campaigns are targeted to your specifications and requirements. You can target your job posting by major, graduation year or GPA, among many other credentials.

Recruiting the best students and alumni is not an easy task, and when it comes to your employees, you want the best. Let match you with the perfect college graduate through our college recruiting services.

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