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Tips for setting up a college job fair booth

Veronica C. | July 9, 2012

While often you can simply put up a job description on your website and wait for resumes to come piling in, sometimes you have to get out of the office to find the best candidates for premium entry level jobs and paid internships on your own. Colleges and universities in your area can be great places to set up a job fair booth and get a sense of the current talent available. Here, you can network with soon-to-be graduates and alumni seeking career opportunities while disseminating information about your company. However, it’s going to take more than a nifty pamphlet to attract today’s college graduates to your organization. Here are some tips for setting up a great college job fair booth.

Get them through the front door
In addition to an attractive display and easily visible company name, you will be the sole person responsible for initially getting curious students to come visit your company’s booth. Because of this, you can’t just sit quietly and wait for someone to approach – you need to engage people as they pass by to stop and talk with you. Doing things as simple as speaking in a friendly tone of voice, smiling and addressing individuals directly can be enough to break the ice and generate interest.

Make it multimedia
You may have informative pamphlets at your disposal, but in today’s day and age, your job fair booth needs to go multimedia so as not to be left behind. By setting up a display monitor to show bullet points about your company background, corporate structure, ongoing projects, general compensation information and available opportunities, you can reach a broader group of students simultaneously as you fill in the details and answer questions.

Promotional keepsakes
It might seem a bit old fashioned, but never underestimate the value of giving away free stuff at a job fair. Whether you’re passing out pens, keychains, bottle openers, stickers, buttons coffee mugs or refrigerator magnets, these small keepsakes can be enough to attract students to your booth while making sure they have your company’s name and contact information in-pocket when they leave.

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