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The dangers of staff members who feel unengaged by employers

Veronica C. | June 6, 2012

Many employees are aware of the consequences of not fulfilling their professional obligations to their employers – namely, unemployment. However, it’s also important for businesses to understand the impact that not adequately valuing their staff members can have. Whether it’s not providing a decent salary, skimping on benefits, severely limiting sick and vacation days or ignoring employee feedback, a large group of disgruntled workers can have serious ramifications on even the most established companies. Here are some of the potential dangers of employees who feel unengaged by their employers.

Decreased productivity
First and foremost, there’s the immediate danger that employees who don’t feel fairly compensated or treated will become less productive. When there are deadlines to meet and the competition is constantly nipping at your heels, the last thing you need on your side is a team of unmotivated workers who are merely content to do the bare minimum and then call it a day. When employees feel like they’re getting more out of a job, there’s a greater chance that they’ll go above and beyond to benefit the company.

High turnover
Once you train an employee for a particular position at your company, it’s nice to know that person will be handling those responsibilities for the foreseeable future. However, unengaged employees – particularly those who are at least a few years out of college – may start looking for new opportunities if they feel like their time isn’t being well spent at your company. Not only is this detrimental to your business, but it requires investing more time and money to identify, interview and train a replacement.

Bad reputation
While it might not seem like that big of a deal for a single employee to feel slighted after exiting your organization, the internet has made it possible for a small group of people to make a large impact in the public sphere. If a large number of your former staff members head to internet job boards and recruiting resources to badmouth your organization, you may find it difficult to attract new talent.

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