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Streamline your small business hiring process

Veronica C. | June 4, 2012

When it comes to hiring the best employees for premium entry level jobs and paid internships at your small business, it can be a real challenge to compete with the larger businesses and organizations catering to your same recruiting base. Considering you have fewer resources to commit to a lengthy hiring process, it pays to find ways to make your effort streamlined and more effective. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you search the marketplace for the best possible candidates.

Post a detailed job description
These days, it’s not enough to simply advertise that you’re hiring new employees – you also need to communicate the specific details of the positions that are currently available. While the state of the job market is highly competitive, the most qualified job seekers will be hunting for positions they know will benefit their career. Not only will this job listing outline in black and white exactly what you’re looking for in an employee, but it will make your business appear to be more professional.

Check the competition
If you’re finding that candidates are initially interested in your organization, but then slip away in the middle of the interview process, it could be because the competition is making them a better offer. If this seems like the case, you should investigate the types of salaries and benefits other businesses in your field are offering and do your best to match them. While upping the starting pay or including healthcare coverage may seem more costly, it’s a necessary expense when you’re looking for high quality employees.

Who you know
Considering that most new hires occur because of a personal connection or employee referral, you may want to look to your colleagues, staff members, friends and family to recommend someone for your business. Not only is this cheaper than traditional means of job advertising, but you can gauge the caliber of applicant based on first hand information.

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