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Recruiters: What’s it like to work for your company?

Veronica C. | December 29, 2010

Everyone knows finding a candidate who is a good fit for the company culture is a top priority when trying to screen applicants. If your company supports the type of work environment where it’s considered normal to get someone’s attention by dinging a wadded up piece of paper off their head, a candidate who wants to work in quiet solitude might not be the best fit.

But how is a candidate to know if they’re a good fit when there is no readily available information to tell them what it would be like to actually work for your company? In a recent survey of 5,000 students and recent grads, the vast majority of them told us that more information about the work environment would be one of the most valuable pieces of information to use during a job search. Saying you are fast paced and entrepreneurial is not enough.  Are there things about your work day that set your company apart, or make your company a great place to work? Do your potential applicants have any way to find out about them?

A Day in the Life

Gen-Y is plugged in, and they want to learn as much as they can about company culture before they start a job they might not enjoy. One great way to provide potential applicants with some insight into a day in the life at your company is creating a short video on your website from some of your younger employees. Who better to extol the virtues of working at Initech than the guys filling out the TPS reports? Now, if an average day at your company consists of endless paperwork, frustrated rampages on helpless copy machines and insidious computer viruses that siphon company funds pennies at a time à la Superman 3, you may want to make sure your people are going to say nice things about the company before you post a video! Assuming you have some happy employees, putting someone Gen-Y can relate to on your website can go miles in helping candidates determine if they’d be a good fit for your company.

Including one of your Gen-Y employees in the interview process is another great way to offer candidates a glimpse into the typical work day. They will have the freshest memories of what it was like to be a new hire at your company, and will be best equipped to relate what an entry level hire might expect when they start. Have candidates sit with someone who does the job they are interviewing for, and they’ll be able to get a feel for the position, as well as the people who do it. Recruiters and candidates alike want to make sure they find a good fit, and seeing how potential co-workers interact offers a great opportunity to gauge how well they might mesh upon hire.

The Best New Hires Stay with You

While companies continue to operate under tight budget constraints, finding new hires that will fit into the corporate culture is more important than ever. Recruiters want to hire the best possible candidates for the jobs they have available, but finding someone who will love the corporate culture and stay at your company is equally important. Don’t miss out on the opportunity see where an applicant fits into your company. Gen-Y wants to know, and your bottom line will thank you!

What’s your company doing to communicate its corporate culture? Let me know at

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