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Non-professional social media elements to consider

Veronica C. | May 1, 2012

When you're on the lookout for the very best candidates for your organization's premium entry level jobs and paid internships, you want recent graduates with a diverse resume that demonstrates deep professional ambition and creative thinking. In today's digital age, going online to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can give you a fairly in-depth understanding of job applicants' backgrounds.

However, you shouldn't only be looking for qualities that are solely related to their career goals. There are also many non-professional social media elements to consider – good and bad – that unveil aspects of a job seeker's personality. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you browse the internet.

Part of determining a candidate's suitability for a position is understanding how they get along and work with other people. Not only does this help mesh with your office culture, but an ability to connect with others is a necessity in many sales, marketing and managerial careers. You can get a sense of this from the friendships a person has on social media sites.  Look to see who a candidate is friends with, how many friends they have online and how engaged they are with these people. An applicant who frequently keeps in touch with friends and family can point to someone with a strong and friendly personality.

Details like photos, biographical statements and listed personal interests (films, books, news articles, music or travel) can also reveal a lot about a person. The information someone shares online can give you a snapshot into his or her mind, so take note of the types of material you can find on his or her social media pages. Keep an eye out for explicit pictures of partying or posts that are in conflict with your company's culture to weed out unsavory personalities.

While these elements aren't enough to gain a complete understanding of a candidate, you can look for positive traits or red flags that can help you narrow down your choices pre-interview.

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