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IT jobs may overlook American workers

Veronica C. | July 23, 2012

Between controversies surrounding American businesses outsourcing jobs, the worldwide economic crisis and debate over immigration laws, there have been numerous hot button issues surrounding the globalization of the hiring marketplace. While there has been much publicity about trying to bring opportunities back from abroad to U.S. workers, it seems that some staffing groups have been overlooking Americans entirely when advertising new jobs.

According to, Bright Future Jobs, an information technology (IT) recruiting watchdog group, recently released a study that points to several organizations putting up roadblocks to domestic job seekers in favor of foreign talent.

Donna Conroy, one of the founders of Bright Future Jobs and an author of the study “No Americans Need Apply,” surveyed 100 IT advertisements posted on job board She found that 37 percent of these postings listed only information about visa types instead of tech qualifications, while the remaining ads specifically limited applicants to people with H1-B visas or foreign student work permits.

On Bright Future Jobs’ website, there is a message calling for Americans to protest these discriminatory practices in order to give local talent fair opportunities. The organization also notes that it will be launching a year-long campaign to educate and inform job seekers about such deceptive staffing firms.

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