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IGN once again revolutionizes recruiting

Veronica C. | April 10, 2012

While many different companies have their own take on recruiting, the hiring process is largely the same across the U.S. marketplace. Job seekers submit an application containing their resume, cover letter, references and portfolio pieces, and then they await a reply from the employer regarding an interview. However, a San Francisco gaming company is looking to change the way businesses identify and train talent – again.

Entertainment website IGN has re-launched its "Code-Foo" recruiting program, according to Bypassing traditional hiring avenues, the site has taken a "no resumes allowed" policy toward job seekers looking to break into the gaming industry. IGN first introduced this program last year and received more than 100 applications that lead to eight new hires out of the 30 selected participants.

So what is the "Code-Foo" process? According to IGN's website, candidates will participate in a six-week training program where they will learn the ins and outs of coding and computer engineering. Along with this training, job seekers will also meet with industry leaders and work on ongoing IGN projects – all while getting paid. The "no resumes" aspect is exactly that, too – the company states that it does care about past work or educational experience.

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