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How to conduct a job interview – 10 tips

Veronica C. | February 17, 2011

You really don’t need me to tell you how to conduct a job interview but, I do have some general process tips for you.

1. Do your homework.  Make sure you have read their resume and know it cold so you don’t waste the first half of the interview getting their back story.

2. Chose a well lit quiet place to conduct the interview.  Walled in conference rooms feel like police interrogation rooms to candidates.

3. Explain the format of the interview and the agenda for the day.  This is what i call the “up-front contract”.  It lays out the day’s agenda for the interview candidate so there are no surprises.

4. Make sure you have your note taking supplies readily available.  Don’t rely on memory because you will forget things.

5.  Determine the type of interview. One on one or is it a panel? How about the question format?  Will you ask open ended questions or guided questions?

6.  Have a plan for your questioning.  In what order will you ask them?  If it is a panel type interview how will the questions be divided amongst the group?

7.  Stick to the business.  There are employment laws that protect peoples rights, so talking about religion, politics and other personal topics is not advisable.  Don’t be a robot though.  If the person lists some personal interests on their resume then by all means go for it.  Talk to them about it because it will most likely relax the candidate.

8.  Remember to close the interview with “next steps” for the candidate.  No one likes to be left in limbo so tell them what will happen next and follow through on it.

9.  Immediately after the interview write down your observations.

10. Hire the best candidate, not your best friend.

Stay tuned for a more detailed webinar on the interview process coming in March!

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