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Helping a new employee get adjusted on the first day

Veronica C. | April 24, 2012

As a hiring manager, much of your job involves attracting the best talent to your organization for premium entry level jobs and internships. By developing a detailed job description, sorting through applications, checking references and conducting a series of candidate interviews, you can narrow down the field and hire the best employee for the position. However, your responsibilities don't end there – you need to help the new hire become a full-fledged member of your professional team. Here are some of the things you should do on an employee's first day of work.

While you don't need to be waiting at the office's front door to meet new employees, you should be one of the first people they meet at the office. If you have a receptionist at your organization, have him or her inform you right away when hires arrive. It will help workers instantly feel more comfortable and at ease by having someone they know to greet them.

Tour the office
One you've made it past the entry area, you can give new employees a tour of the office so they can become more familiar with their surroundings. During your walk, you can give people a brief overview of the different sections and teams within the office as well as point them toward the kitchen, meeting rooms, bathrooms and their work station.

As you walk about the office, take the time to introduce new hires to the various people they'll be working with on a daily basis. While you don't need to speak with every single person at your organization – especially if you have a large staff – you should make sure they meet their supervisors, some of the company higher-ups and their team members. These people can help reveal different company strategies and practices that will help new employees transition into their responsibilities.

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