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Creating a better job description

Veronica C. | April 6, 2012

When looking for the best candidates for premium entry level jobs and internships at your organization, there are many different steps to the recruiting process. As a hiring manager or human resources employee, you have to sort through potentially dozens of applications, scan resumes and cover letters, check references, examine portfolio pieces and conduct several rounds of interviews. However, the start of this journey begins with the job description – an aspect that's often overlooked in its importance.

Posting a blasé job description can often be equivalent to communicating that the position is good, but not great. It can leave a potential candidate underwhelmed and wondering why a company would undersell its value when it's clearly looking to attract great candidates. Because of this, you might want to rethink how you create your job descriptions to improve your chances of landing the very best employees.

Before even beginning to draw up a job posting, you need to understand exactly what it is you're looking for in an employee and how you can specifically target someone with these skills. You should also investigate competitors' job descriptions for similar positions. All this information should be used not only to understand what your company needs, but also what job seekers are looking for in an entry level position.

When you read a typical job description, it comes off as something of a list of demands. However, many companies often reject resumes and cover letters that display this similar list format – why do they feel exempt from their own standards? Just as cover letter should generate excitement in a candidate from hiring managers, a job description should appeal to candidates in the same way.

Finally, knowing where to advertise your company's opportunities is essential to reaching the applicants you want. Social media outlets and online job boards are among the most popular destinations for young, ambitious job seekers, so make use of these advertising mediums.

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