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Cornerstone announces new recruiting software

Veronica C. | April 10, 2012

With the recent advances in social networking and online recruiting, there are an increasing number of businesses that are turning their attention toward digital mediums for attracting new talent. While hiring managers and recruitment companies have been shifting away from the traditional hiring process, the world of online hiring remains experimental and unpredictable. New technologies seem to enter the marketplace every day, and there’s no telling which efforts will be successful and which won’t.

One of the latest developments in recruiting technology was recently announced by Santa Monica, California, company Cornerstone OnDemand, reports The tech firm has developed a recruiting cloud that combines their Learning Cloud, Performance Cloud and Extended Enterprise Cloud, according to Cornerstone OnDemand’s website. This technology seeks to digitize the majority of the hiring process to help simplify employers’ process of identifying new talent.

“Most recruiting solutions in the market today were built for the way people recruited a decade ago, before the rise of social networks,” said Cornerstone OnDemand President and CEO Adam Miller. “Today, most organizations want to leverage the power of social recruiting, and our solution was built to be natively social.”

While this could be a major success in the job market due to the company’s past achievements, it remains to be seen how this new technology will hold up among competitors.

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