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Chic digital designs can improve a resume’s impact

Veronica C. | April 5, 2012

It's no surprise that the recruiting process is becoming increasingly digitized. Online job boards, company websites, social media outlets, electronic resumes and cover letters have replaced the old ink and paper applications. However, recruiting remains in a kind of limbo between physical and digital mediums – resumes may be sent over the internet, but they still resemble a traditional paper format.

According to, a wave of new companies are looking to expand job applications digital construction – making them more visually appealing to hiring managers. A new Russian company, ResumUP, allows job seekers and employers to explore new, exciting resume and job description designs – gaining the attention of companies such as Adidas and Kraft Foods/Russia.

A similar resume/job site company based in New Zealand, Jobgram, is also making waves in the hiring marketplace.

"I want to make recruitment advertising and position descriptions sexier and more engaging for the jobseeker," said company representative Paul Jacobs, according to

Resume design isn't just a matter of taste, either – it can also increase a candidate's chances of being called in for an interview. A study conducted by The Ladders found that while job hunters believe hiring managers spend four to five minutes reading a resume, it's actually closer to six seconds. Sleeker, more engaging resume designs can make all the difference considering that short window of opportunity.


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