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For Employers

Post jobs or internships. Hire students & graduates from our pool of 5 million entry level candidates.

Value Post

Hire Students and Graduates
Post jobs and internships to our network. Hire college students and graduates.
Post a job opening to one or more colleges and universities in our network. Narrow down the candidate pool by geography or school type – Business, Engineering, Science, etc. Your job posting will be fed to students and graduates through their school’s career center.
Post JobsStarts at $95.00

Proactive Post™

Hire Interns, Students and Graduates
The most advanced matching system available to hire students and graduates. 
Proactive Post™ uses a unique algorithm to select college students and graduates based on location, school, degree, GPA, & personality traits. Our ranking system saves valuable time and effort by emailing applicants that are a perfect fit for your job opening.
Post Jobs & InternshipsStarts at $395.00

Looking to Recruit Even More Talent?

Symplicity recently acquired Experience and is proud to expand your toolset with OneStop – post jobs to additional schools, manage applications, register for campus events, find top talent and more.

Experience was acquired by Symplicity in June 2014. Now reaching tens of millions of students worldwide, Symplicity is the leading provider of enterprise software-as-a- service solutions for student affairs and student services offices. Learn more about Symplicity at


Already Working with Your Target Campuses?

eRecruiting Pro allows you to streamline your recruiting by organizing activities at multiple colleges and universities in one area of our platform. Learn more about this custom solution by contacting our team.

Experience will be merging with OneStop in June 2015. In the meantime, you can continue to use Experience to access your schools.