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Top 5 Things To Help You In Your Entry-Level Job Search

Veronica C. | December 7, 2010

Lately, we’ve been talking to a lot of seniors and recent grads in the Experience network about your challenges in looking for entry-level work and in landing interviews. When you think about all the great colleges out there and all the people looking for work in your field…it’s evident, you need an edge on the competition.


Last month, almost 5,000 college seniors and recent graduates filled out an Experience survey. We asked for your help in developing a new Experience product for you, the job seeker.  

Here are the 5 things that you said would be the most helpful in looking for a job:

  1. Making your resume stand out
  2. A competitive edge in the interview process
  3. The ability to apply for a job before other candidates can see it
  4. A personal or professional recommendation to employers you’re interested in
  5. The ability to see the status of your applications to employers

We hear you. There’s nothing more frustrating than sending out hundreds of resumes and then waiting … and waiting … and if you’re lucky, you might hear back from a tiny percentage of employers.  In this type of competitive environment, how do you get an edge on the competition? How do you find the jobs that are the right fit for you? Get your resume noticed? Get the interview, and then, more importantly, knock it out of the park once you’re in the interview?

We want to do more than just hear your frustrations; we want to create a solution that works for you. Experience has been in the business of helping students and grads find jobs for over 14 years, but we know the environment has become incredibly competitive. We want to create the right tools and services to give you an edge in the job market.

It’s our goal to provide you with that edge you’re looking for – and quickly. We’re developing a new Experience service for seniors and recent grads looking for professional work. We’ll be telling you more about this solution in January 2011.  Your input has been the foundation supporting our development of this product.  From surveys to focus groups to usability studies – every time we talk to you, we gain great insight into how to help you in your job hunt.

Want to see what your peers from schools around the country shared about their job search? Check out the full survey results.

Want to know what’s going on in recruiting trends and who is hiring in the Experience network? We’ve got real time data on the new

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