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The Down & Dirty on Cover Letters

Veronica C. | April 15, 2011
There’s more cover letter advice out there than any reasonable human being could deal with, so we’ve tried to find some of the best advice online and pass it on to our Experience job-seekers.

Our intern Kyle found this great article on Smashing Magazine, giving a different view on cover letter advice – this time straight from the company’s mouth. Here’s the down & dirty version:
  • Don’t Be Generic – really, we know when you’re cutting and pasting.
  • No Sirs or Madams! – the last person who called me madam is still recovering.
  • Really? You’re Real? – show some personality!
  • You’ve Got 20 Seconds … Short and Sweet – respect the hiring manager’s time.
  • Give Your Best Examples – don’t give ALL your work examples, see above.
  • If You Get Instructions, Follow Them! - Look for questions in the job description and then answer them!
  • Let Them Know How To Contact You – believe me, if it’s not easy to get in touch with you, they’ll get in touch with someone else.
  • Don’t Let Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Bury You – the easiest way to take yourself out of the running for the job.
  • Don’t Look Desperate – even if you’re on your last Starbucks credit, make them think you’re a rock star.
  • Know The Company – really, they love to hear about themselves. Get into the employer’s state of mind.
  • Set an Appropriate Tone – the tone of your letter should match that of the company.
And probably the best advice of all – Use Common Sense!
    For more examples and quotes from companies weighing in on the cover letter, check out the full article.  

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