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Professional Reliability

Geeta | July 1, 2011

I came across a blog post this week that struck a chord with me.  At some point in our lives , we have all heard the phrase “Be professional”, but what does this phrase really mean?  What does it really mean to be professional? 

The article (link posted here) tries to answer this question in a way that, I think, really resonates with everyone and not just women, whom the post specifically tries to target.

Professionalism is not only about being rational, calm, timely but also includes reliability, living up to your word and consistency.  Apparently, unreliability was identified as the #1 career limiting habit. 

It all sounds like common sense, I know, but apparently it can be detrimental to many of us out there.  It’s also a factor I have personally realized that I need to work more on, both professionally and personally. Thankfully, it has not never been bad enough to hurt me, but I would rather help myself while I can.

The other factors the article speaks to is: 

1.  Be True to Your Word

2.Under Promise, Over Deliver

3.Confront Mistakes

Personally, awareness is half the battle when it comes to success-  the other half is implementation.  Hopefully, you will take what it is written here, read the awesome article and implement it in your own life. Remember, it takes 21 days to make an action into a habit.

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