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Don’t Dread Your Entry-Level Job

Veronica C. | February 4, 2011
College is over… I earned my diploma, so why am I only worth an entry-level position? I already did my part… four years of difficult class schedules and sleepless nights studying. I used to fear the “entry-level job.” Why should I succumb to an entry-level position? The truth is, entry-level jobs are far more valuable than most graduating students are aware. A college degree will help you earn a better starting salary, but it can’t get you past the entry-level job functions.


Entry-level candidates are cheap, plentiful, and easily found. Performing to the utmost of your ability in this type of position can verify your worth while establishing yourself from your peers and proving that you are one in a million. In order to do this correctly, you need to understand the symbolism of starting at the bottom. Yes, you’ve gained many skills in college, but learning to adapt those skills to a real work force takes time and practice.


The best part of an entry-level position is that your tasks are unlimited, thus your opportunities to learn all the areas of the business are endless. Becoming successful isn’t all about how fast you can move up the chain of command.


Becoming successful is all about lateral movement AT the bottom. It is one accomplishment to make it to the top, but a far greater accomplishment is to be successful at the top. Don’t pigeon hole yourself into one job function. Soak up as much experience as possible. Take on the grunt work, but also ask for challenging projects. This is your time to apply yourself and to add work experience to your resume.


You may have been hired in an entry-level position within the Marketing Department, but why cut yourself short? A successful Marketing manager understands their position, but further more they understand how the finance, accounting, and sales departments work as well. Entry-level positions gives you an inside look to how a company actually operates in each department, and the knowledge you can gain in this position is far greater than the checks you will earn in the years to come. With that said, don’t dread your first job… it’s preparing you for greatness.

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