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10 Ways to Scare the Employer With Your Resume

Veronica C. | July 18, 2011

The resume is a little bit of a sore subject due to the fact that many people have difficulty finding the perfect format and what to include on their resume. There are many different versions of resumes to pick from, however, you can’t go wrong with sticking to the famous format, which in my eyes is this: your name and contact information at the top, your education, professional experience, and then your software skills all in chronological order.

Now, that format isn’t horrible, but sometimes people go too far from the standard. Here’s a list of what NOT to do (that will surely turn some employers off):

1. Use Funky Fonts: Resumes should be easy to read so avoid using strange and goofy fonts. When employers can’t read your qualifications, they will toss your resume in the rejection pile. Also, stay away from using small fonts.

2. Text Color: Try not to use low contrast colors. Black is the recommended color to use for resumes. Experts have suggested using one more color other than black. However, that’s up to individual to decide. Be sure not to use more than two colors.

3. Format: I recommend to never use a border due to the fact that it crowds the text. Remember that the little things can go a long way.

4. The Paper: Avoid using complex layouts or different size paper other than 8.5X11. Also, don’t use colored paper; stick with the white and cream family.

5. Scents: Don’t spray the paper with your favorite cologne or perfume. It might give the recruiter a headache… and its just odd.

6. Imagery: If you’re proud of a logo you designed, save it for an online portfolio. Don’t crowd the resume with evidence of your work just yet. Print out the work you want to show off and save it for the interview.

7. Spelling errors: This seems obvious but some people neglect to spell check their resume. Imagine if you wrote you are “detailed oriented” on your resume meanwhile you can’t spell. Not a good impression. You could be the most qualified person and get your resume tossed in the trash if a spelling error is present.

8. Abbreviate: It’s never a good idea to use abbreviations on your resume i.e., BTW, FYI, AKA, XLNT, PLS. This is just completely unprofessional!

9. Non working links: Maybe you worked on a website in the past and wanted to showcase your work; if that is the case, make sure to test the link and make sure that website is still live.

10. Tell the truth: By lying you’re only digging yourself into a ditch. What if the employer asks you a question about that so called experience and you have no response? That doesn’t look good.

Now these tips might seem like common knowledge, but people still commit these resume crimes day in and day out. So remember to use these tips on your resume and good luck on your job search!

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