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Career Spotlight: Information Technology

Philip Reed | October 21, 2011

Guest contribution by Philip J Reed on behalf of Westwood College

Choosing a career path can sometimes feel like a job itself.  You need to consider employment rates, average salaries, opportunities for advancement, job satisfaction, and, of course, your own expectations of the job as well.  There’s a lot to take into account before you even decide what to do in your professional life, and that can get overwhelming very quickly.

For that reason, we wanted to take the time to spotlight specific career paths, discussing them, and giving you just a little more information that you can use when making your decision.  Today, we’re going to focus on a career in information technology.

From the days of dial-up to today’s sophistication and speed, information technology has grown enormously to encompass more and more industries. No longer an isolated discipline, information technology has worked its way into education, finance, government, research, consumer goods, and, of course, software development.

With so many applications, information technology has exploded as a career opportunity. But how do you know if a career in IT is right for you, what education is required, and what is the career all about?

IT professionals assume a number of different roles in their careers. They design websites, software, and entire platforms. They manage computer networks, oversee security operations, introduce software programs, and provide support. Basically, they facilitate the development, integration, and dissemination of anything that falls under the umbrella term “information technology.”

Needless to say, this is a very holistic career opportunity with room for both specialization and innovation. Regardless of the area, burgeoning professionals in this field need to familiarize themselves with the following options for degrees in information technology.

Information technology training opportunities abound in education at all levels. Offered at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels, these programs integrate newly developing concepts and technologies to keep students up to speed on the latest operating systems, coding languages, safety features, and more.
IT professionals are steadily rising in demand and compensation: IT continues to rise in demand, as compared to other much slower recovering industries. Additionally, job satisfaction is very high. The only con, which isn’t a con at all for motivated IT students, is the large amount of continuing education that is required. Software and hardware platforms and operating systems are constantly changing, and IT professionals must adapt quickly to establish a command over those changes.

The best way to assess IT as a viable career option is exposure. Gather opinions from friends, instructors, and legitimate career reviews, and then go for it. Even if it doesn’t work out, all knowledge is a form of capital, as you will realize in the glorious absence of computer repair bills.

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