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Press Releases

11/01/2012 – ConnectEDU and Epsilen Join Forces to Increase Student Engagement, Persistence and Success

05/17/2012 – Chamber Launches AustinTechSource Initiative to Recruit Experienced Technology Talent to Austin

01/23/2012 – ConnectEDU Integrates Experience to Create Industry-Leading High School to College to Career Network

09/14/2011- Experience and LinkedIn Team Up to Bring Online Professional Networking to Colleges and Universities

05/26/2011 – Experience, Inc. Announces the 2011 Best Places to Work for Recent Grads

05/10/2010 – Experience, Inc. Announces the Best Places to Work for Recent Grads

05/18/2009 – History Repeats Itself – Class of ’09 Jobs on Pace with Prior Years

03/09/2009 – Gen Y Reports Optimistic Attitudes about Work and Value of Education

02/04/2009 – Generation Y to Significantly Impact the Workforce

01/27/2009 – Experience, Inc. Announces the Best Places to Work for Recent Grads

12/08/2008 – Gen Y Job Seekers Use Experience Mentors to Enhance the Career Exploration Process

12/04/2008 – Edward D. Wagner Named Chief Strategy Officer at Experience, Inc.

11/19/2008 – Gen Y and Holiday Jobs: Nearly 80% Seeking Employment During Winter Break

10/15/2008 – Nearly 80% of Gen Y Voters Say Job Creation is Key Factor in Upcoming Election

09/24/2008 – Half of College Students Polled Would Choose Salary Over Career Satisfaction

09/18/2008 – Eighty-Five Percent of College Grads Would Relocate for a Job

09/04/2008 – 70% of Gen Y Leave First Job within Two Years

08/20/2008 – Gen Y Insights Series Helps Employers with Recruiting and Retention of Entry-level Hires

08/04/2008 – Four Out of Five College Students and Recent Grads Prefer Jobs at Green Companies

05/01/2008 – Highest Job Acceptance Rate Among Students in 5 Years

04/22/2008 – Millions of College Students Join Together to Protect the Environment

04/21/2008 – FreeFi Networks Leads Coalition to Provide Enhanced Wi-Fi Service to Roxbury Community College

03/24/2008 – Interns are a Strategic Pipeline for Recruiting Today’s College Graduates

03/05/2008 – Microsoft and Experience, Inc. Establish Microsoft Students to Business IT Career Portal

02/11/2008 – Gen Y Job Seekers Say It’s Time for a Job Description Makeover

02/08/2008 – Is Office Love Ok?

01/29/2008 – College Grads Face Strong Job Market Despite Economic Uncertainty

01/22/2008 – New Portfolio System Transforms the Standard Resume and Job Posting Process

01/15/2008 – Experience and iModules Partner to Deliver New Career Resources for Universities

01/08/2008 – Managing Generation Y as They Change the Workforce

01/02/2008 – Gen Y Says Social Change Will Impact Their Votes, Not Job Outlook

12/06/2007 – Experience, Inc. Finds that Accounting and Engineering are the Hottest Job Functions in ’07

11/15/2007 – 53% of College Students Still Looking for Work over Winter Break

09/27/2007 – Experience a Career You Love

09/21/2007 – Looking for a New Job? Be Prepared to Spend Time and Money

08/17/2007 – Experience Offers Graduates Exclusive Experience Networking Opportunity at Prestigious World Business Forum Event

06/21/2007 – Learning from Business Intelligence and Experience

06/20/2007 – Experience Launches Ground-Breaking Data Management Service

05/31/2007 – Experience Offers Students and Graduates Exclusive Experience for Life

05/31/2007 - Experience, Inc. Hires Key Executive Technologist Chris Vento

05/21/2007 - Learn from Experience: Online Career Profiles, Blunders and Successes

05/15/2007 - Experience Announces “Great Employers for New Grads” Exclusively at

05/02/2007 - Launches Alumni News Line: Resources, News Tips and Articles for Alumni Publication Staff

04/16/2007 - As Graduation Approaches Nearly 60% of College Students Are Still Competing for the Best Entry-Level Jobs

04/09/2007 - College Students Speak: Making a Difference in the World is More Important than Professional Success

03/20/2007 - As College Recruiting Continues to Rise, Prestigious Organizations Rely on Experience

02/28/2007 - Named Top Career Site for College & Alumni Job Seekers

02/23/2007 - Experience, Inc. Partners with New Sector Alliance for Summer Fellowship Program in Social Enterprise

01/29/2007 - College Hiring: 86% of Recruiters Say Outlook is Good to Very Good

12/13/2006 - Humorous Video Redefines College Experience

11/21/2006 - College Students Fret about Long-Term Savings and Repaying Growing College Loans

11/09/2006 - Engineering, Business and Education are the Most Sought After Majors

09/12/2006 - New Social Networking Site for Job-Seeking College Students and Alumni

08/15/2006 - Nearly 60% of College Graduates Boomerang Back Home After Living on Their Own

07/19/2006 - Sharing Photos and Writing Blogs: How College Students are Using the Internet

06/27/2006 - Kids in the Cubicle: 38% of Companies Allow Employees to Bring Their Children to Work in Emergency Situations

05/25/2006 - Recruiters Reach the Best Passive Candidates through Nationwide Alumni Network

05/15/2006 - Experience, Inc. Expands Career Service Offerings with eRecruiting Alumni

05/01/2006 - 80% of College Graduates Holding Out for Right Job

02/28/2006 - 25% of College Students Tackle Stress Through Exercise

02/16/2006 - Experience and Partner to Launch ‘Defining Moments’ Video Series

02/14/2006 - Experience, Inc. and Microsoft Expand Interactive Marketing Program

01/31/2006 - College Recruiting Job Growth Up 7% From Last Year

01/30/2006 - Survey Reveals: Online Advertising Motivates College Students to Purchase

01/27/2006 - Experience Brings Young Advertising Talent to Boston

01/14/2006 - Helicopter Parents: 25% of Parents are Overly Involved, Say College Students

01/11/2006 - Experience and Launch New Program Enabling College Students to Shadow Key Executives to Prepare for Future Careers

12/12/2005 - Holiday-Debt: 55% of College Students Across the Country Find Themselves Overspending on Gifts

11/28/2005 - College Grad Salary Expectations Aren’t Overblown After All

11/16/2005 - and Experience, Inc. Connect College Students and Alumni With Employers

10/24/2005 - Experience, Inc. Finds That College Students Need Time Out After Graduation

10/18/2005 - Experience Unveils New Interactive Recruitment Advertising Services

10/15/2005 - Jennifer Floren Speaks At Harvard Undergraduate Women In Business Conference

10/14/2005 - Experience Selected as 2005 MITX Awards Finalist

10/11/2005 - From Reel to Resume: Exclusive Internship Competition Grabs Nationwide Attention

09/21/2005 - Advertisers Attract Elusive 18-24 Demographic Using New Interactive Services on

07/12/2005 - Experience, Inc. Launches New Interactive Marketing Services Aimed at Reaching College-Educated Young Adults

06/16/2005 - eRecruiting Career Fairs Now Available For All Colleges and Universities

05/10/2005 - Experience, Inc. Introduces New Targeted Services to Recruit College Students and Graduates

04/28/2005 - Marketing to College Students and Grads: They Reveal Where They Spend Time and Money

04/13/2005 - Class of 2005 Lands More Job Offers Amid More Competitive Market

03/24/2005 - Experience Inc. Joins with Career Treks to Assist College Students in Learning More about Business Careers

10/04/2004 - Passive and Active Jobseekers Agree – Effective Job Postings Don’t Skimp on Details, Especially Skills and Responsibilities

09/23/2004 - Dice Partners With Experience, Inc. To Bring Thousands Of Jobs To Alumni Of Top Engineering Universities Nationwide

09/08/2004 - Experience, Inc. Unveils New Targeted Career Advice for College Students Across the Country

06/15/2004 - Experience Inc. Integrates Career Fair Management into Market-Leading University Recruiting Network

05/05/2004 - Experience Inc. Unveils First-of-its-Kind Alumni Career Service

04/26/2004 - Experience Inc. Highlights Student Concerns About Offshoring

04/05/2004 - 2004 Brings a Significantly Brighter Job Outlook

03/01/2004 - Experience, Inc. Secures $3 Million in Financing

01/22/2004 – Experience, Inc. Announces Experience the Possibilities Contest Winners