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About Us

Experience™ – Careers Start Here

We started in 1996 to help young adults learn from the experiences of others. More than a bank of resumes, we help people understand their interests and aptitudes, and how they can apply their talents in the workforce. Our community at its core empowers the next generation workforce to access a world of possibilities.

Today, schools and organizations all across the country partner with us to deliver career services to more than 5 million students and alumni. Over 100,000 employers connect with and hire top talent through the Experience Network.

You can access our network, data and leadership team today to help guide talented candidates into the working world.

“Unlocking potential is the key to success for every individual and organization and with every success comes Experience.”

Experience is a ConnectEDU company

In 2012, ConnectEDU announced the acquisition of Experience. The two companies together provide the ultimate destination for college and career planning. Learners, for the first time, can map their education decisions to potential careers, versus blindly selecting a college major or course plan and assuming career prospects will exist upon graduation. With the integration of the ConnectEDU network, the companies’ combined solutions now form a database of a generation’s college and career decisions tied to actual college and career outcomes. For more information, read the full press release.

ConnectEDU is a privately held technology company, committed to preparing and transitioning 21st Century Learners on their pathways from school to college to career, helping them realize their potential, achieve a secure financial future, and ultimately connect to life’s possibilities. ConnectEDU was created in 2002, by Craig Powell, an entrepreneur with a passion for ensuring that all students have access to the expertise and resources needed to realize and achieve their potential. Today, ConnectEDU serves more than 20 million registered learners, 5,000 educational institutions, and 130,000 employers throughout 40 countries; all engaging with and supporting learners across their school-to-college-to-career pathway.

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